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emily is two!

Posted on April 14, 2014

So after noah’s big superhero extravaganza we had to gear back up and plan for emily’s second birthday (noah, meanwhile, immediately moved on to planning his 5th birthday party, it’s Cars themed in case you wanted to prepare). Whereas noah had very, very particular interests, emily is kind of game for anything. So we weren’t sure of what to theme the party, and then Lauren suggested music and it was all so clear. emily sings ALL THE TIME! She loves music, so it was perfect. We picked four of her favorites to put on the cake (I’m a little teapot, Baby bumble bee, The wheels on the bus, and, of course, Back in the USSR or as our kids know it “THE AIRPLANE SONG!”), ordered some blow-up guitars plus kid sunglasses, and made a mix CD of emily’s favorite rock songs. So not so crazy as noah’s party, nor nearly as large, but on par with noah’s second birthday party, so we’re being fair! It was nice to have a more laidback gathering, although, I won’t lie, I did miss getting crazy with the decorations and set-up, so I put all my energy into the mix CD packaging and a few record designs I put up. emily had a blast with her friends and actually ate the cake this time (for her first birthday she refused, which now seems even more crazy as she LOVES chocolate). And I got some pretty cool shots with the sunglasses on the kids, it’s pretty much instant cuteness.

The next day emily got her big gift, a dollhouse! noah and I were definitely into it, although play with it has been off and on. em likes to put everyone to bed while noah likes to tie things from the ceilings and roofs and swing them around. Clearly different play patterns. noah got a stomp rocket and scooter for his birthday. The stomp rocket has been a huge hit, we’ll see how long it takes before we lose all the foam rockets to roofs and trees!

and stomp rocket... (nice wing span!)

and stomp rocket… (nice wing span!)


emily is still in love with reading, and has started to read books to herself (that is she has memorized books, or enough of a book to flip through it and tell herself the story, it’s adorable). She is still eating pretty much everything, although can be picky about when she will eat things and has found new treats to obsess over: currently cashew nuts and raisins (and still loving yogurt drops, obviously). She loves to imitate or follow noah’s lead when they play together. Whether it is running around the house playing “chase” or pretending to throw bananas at each other at the dinner table, or singing a song together, they definitely amuse each other. And they still fight over Lauren’s time, I’m only worth fighting over if Lauren happens not to be around, but I accepted that fate a long time ago. emily is still loving swim class and along with noah continues to progress into quite the fish. Her favorite part is jumping into the pool, so much so that she decided to bring that into her everyday life and now attempts to jump off of everything (yay!), thus adding gray hairs to both lauren and my head.

noah really likes to talk about how strong he is and flex his muscles (picture him grimacing while flexing his muscles so hard that he shakes, yes it is hilarious). He is pretty much stronger than anything and anyone according to him (including metal, wood, professional athletes, etc.). Although sometimes he admits I am stronger than him when I have to help with something (and by association I am therefore stronger than all other dads, so beware!). He has also been doing this annoying sing-songy taunting voice to brag about stuff he gets or things he has that others don’t.

Both kids still end up in our bed most weekend mornings. We used to be able to eke out a little more sleep this way when noah was little, unfortunately that is not the case with two munchkins. emily is unwilling to just lie quietly regardless, it is much more fun to mess with noah and giggle and kick and fight over being next to mommy. Very relaxing.

Other than Emily’s birthday party we also had lots of “Mardi Gras” celebrations. Mainly because noah and em love playing with the plethora of beaded necklaces my mom has at her house. So lots of wearing and collecting of beads and dancing with them. We also went to the Japanese Showa school for the celebration of Hinamatsuri. We got to meet Ada’s new baby brother, Nicholas, whom emily was fascinated by (she read him books!). Lauren went away for work to Seattle and got to bring Noah’s toy Flash for company to keep up the tradition I started last year with sending photos back along the way. It’s a great way for the kids to feel connected even when we are away.


So here’s all the shots for March including some funny ones from his school the teachers posted:

noah’s superhero 4th birthday party spectacular!

Posted on March 20, 2014

noahSuperhero4BdayInviteFinal2 noahSuperhero4BdayInviteFinal2

noah’s 4th birthday party was quite the extravaganza, which shouldn’t surprise anyone by now. He decided on a superhero themed party long ago and I was pretty psyched to make that a reality (well, his idea was more like TMNT and Spider-Man themed, but I broadened it a bit!). As you can see from above, I decided to go with the classic red/yellow/blue theme with touches of green for noah (his favorite color) and black dots (halftones harkening to the old school comic book printing resolution). More importantly, as you’ll see below, I decided to go crazy on creating some custom activities for the party itself. But first, we needed to find a space to host this nonsense (one of the issues of having winter birthdays: always have to find indoor spaces!). We were lucky enough to find a public space, Curtis Hall in JP, that could be rented for a very fair price (especially when you look at how much the gymnastics and other thematic spaces cost!) and most importantly, it was a blank canvas we could decorate as we liked (signage was all printed by me, streamers, WHAM/BAM/etc, tablecloths, balloons from Oriental Trading)!


First things, first, I set out to make a classic telephone booth for our mini-superheroes to change in (not that any of them actually have ever seen or know about a phone booth. But, you know, big red box they can climb in and out of, they’re sold on it.). Shout out to Yale Appliance who was the first (after many) appliance stores to respond positively to my odd request (a fridge box for a superhero party!). I was inspired a lot by this blog I found, and many other sources I reference on my pinterest page, but I definitely added my own touches. And we all got to paint it together, including noah who loves “helping” (mostly it helps, but also leads to a lot more clean-up afterwards, but worth it!). The best part about this phone booth is the phone is actually a working phone, well, sort of. There is a coin slot I made that you can put the coins in and they will fall out the bottom (as simple as putting a diagonal piece of cardboard in the bottom so they slide out). The keys can be pressed in (I took apart a toy register and put new stickers over the buttons), but they don’t do anything (although there is a SUPERNOAH button that seems to work pretty well at getting him to come! :) ). And for an added touch of authenticity, I bought one of those retro handsets that can plug into your cell phone, so you can actually make phone calls with the phone (noah LOVED this!!!).


As you can see below, the kids really got “into” it! :)


At the same time I obsessed over painting an entire refrigerator box red (that did not fit in our house FYI, thanks mom and dad for letting your living room be superhero look and feel creation station for a couple weeks!!!), Lauren took on making custom capes for all the children. No small task when you invite about 30! She found this video from Jo-Ann Fabrics that worked perfectly. The key is to get thin fleece which you can cut without finishing the edges (it’s like felt, but more flowy, so more cape-like, if you will). I made stencils for all the letters (which we did in felt), and a lot of fabric glue later, ta da!!!


Bonus: the window bars in the room worked perfectly for hanging the capes! noah got his own very special satin green cape that nonna sewed for him as his birthday present. It actually took a little coaxing for him to put it on (I think he was a bit overwhelmed by it all, being just post-nap), but once he did, he was flying around the room with it like, well, a superhero!

The best part of this party (other than the photobooth, but we are working up to that), was the open flow of it. We set up several activity stations that the families could partake in as they liked. No pressure to do any one thing at any one time, everyone could just play wherever they wanted. There was a mask-making station to complete their superhero transformation (we ordered the cut foam masks from a shop on etsy, got some glitter glue, which, BTW takes too long to dry, and foam star stickers).


Then we had a coloring station with three designs i made and printed out in black and white for the kids to color in: A superhero skyline complete with mini-superheroes, a SUPERGIRL, and a SUPERBOY sheet. Because who doesn’t love to color in superhero drawings?

gwendrawing drawingTable

Another favorite station was the “Brick Busting” station which was as simple as a bunch of cardboard bricks in red, yellow, and blue in front of a polka dot tablecloth and KA-POW/SMASH/BOOM! signs. You don’t have to ask a pre-schooler twice to knock down a wall of bricks. Luckily for us, my mom already had a large set of these cardboard bricks, but if you don’t have them you can always use a bunch of painted shoeboxes. Check out the craziness that ensued:


The biggest attraction by far, for the young, the old, and everyone in between, was the photobooth. I had seen online many people do the superhero photobooth with painted buildings in the background, but I just had to take it one step further and make an actual city to pose in. I actually hemmed and hawed about whether or not to do it, because I had already created a pretty sweet backdrop that on its own was a good photo op (thanks Microprint for printing it and all the signage!). I took my superhero skyline and added “stick figure” superheroes, kind of think this should be a series (I borrowed a couple of the bodies from the noun project, thanks noun project!). Check it out:


But then I painted one of the cardboard boxes we had been collecting and lined them up, and without doing anything else, noah was in LOVE with them. Based on the fact that he could move them himself, hide in them, play in them, set stuff up on them, and just basically be king of his own little city, he was loving it. So I couldn’t not do it at that point. This led to a marathon session of painting (I decided to reverse my invite design and paint the buildings red/blue/yellow and the windows black) and taping the corners for “outlines” (I used Duck Duct Tape, there is a specific one that is thinner and cuts cleaner). Followed by a marathon session of Lauren and I cutting the duct tape to make windows (noah even helped with this too). Upon seeing the finished project he did seem less than impressed, mainly because he wanted to know where the “green building” was (did I mention his favorite color is green?!?!?). So I added a little SUPERNOAH HQ on top of the yellow building complete with it’s own blinking LED glow stick. And, now he was impressed:


But to really make this superduper fun (pun intended), we needed some superhero props! A few Hasbro superhero masks later, some Clark Kent glasses, a couple superhero accessories, and one big homemade barbell (cardboard poster tube + 2 foam balls, some paint, some foil tape, and duct tape), and voila! Superhero fun ensues…


To say people had fun in the photobooth, would be an understatement, see for yourself (and BIG thank you to Megan for working the camera for this and of course Elliot for setting it all up and shooting the rest of the party!):


Other than that, there was the small matter of a cake. We went to our usual spot, Party Favors, and gave them our usual overly detailed specifications which thankfully, they delivered on. noah was very excited about it, especially the characters on top and the whole “I GET TO EAT A BIG PIECE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE” rush. If only characters from Marvel, DC, and TMNT could get together more often in the name of deliciously, sugary sweet birthday cake. Here’s the cake shots and a few others from the general party fun:

And one last shot of all the pieces I printed out for the party (if anyone you know is having a superhero party and wants these or the designs, let me know!):


Thanks to everyone who helped us prep, prepare, create, set-up, transport (no easy task to get a 7 foot high telephone booth somewhere!), photograph, clean-up, and just attend and make this birthday extra special for our little supernoah! He thanks you too!


mornings, no thank you

Posted on March 9, 2014

February was a pretty epic month, mainly because of noah’s superhero party. But this is going to be a short pre-party post; the party itself deserves it’s own post! So just a quick update on the month…

noah and em have become like teenagers in the morning. Neither of them wants to get out of bed, they are often grumpy and demanding and groggy! For some reason I only seem to be able to get one of them to come down with me at first, I then have to make several trips up until I can coax the other one out of bed, which tends to lengthen our morning routine! They both really like playing with these mardi gras beads that my mom has at her house (some of them have migrated to our house too). noah likes to put all of them on at once (the Mr. T. look), or swing them around (not so safe), or drape them over stuff to make “webs” or bridges. emily, just likes to put one on and twirl with it. noah has really gotten into legos, he makes some pretty sweet creations with them including boats, spaceships, and cities. Meanwhile, emily LOVES to draw, she has been working on the same masterpiece scribble on the easel for some time now. I have been trying to teach her circles and faces, so she often asks to draw “happy face, happy face!” Hopefully this means she’s on her way to continuing the art tradition of the family. They both like playing with the play kitchen, especially emily who loves to bring us food, and asks us if we want coffee (or ice cream) pretty often. She apparently has a magical sink in her play kitchen, because she fills her tea cups with “tea” from it. emily really likes taking out the board games too, mainly so she can dump the pieces everywhere. em continues to be an amazing eater, although dinner always seems to be very fast for her, she says “all done” and “want go play now!” pretty soon after dinner has started. But she will eat almost anything, including kale, tomatoes, beans, carrots, squash, broccoli, and her favorite, CHEESE!

This month included Valentine’s Day, so noah and I did a little photoshoot with a heart to make cards (which then got the requisite Hershey Kiss glued on them, of course). We also had Oliver’s 1st birthday party and Matthew’s 4th birthday party which was a lot of fun and included a Thomas the Tank Engine cake! Dinner at Shelley and Marvin’s turned into a dance party (which, frankly, is a possibility anywhere with our munchkins!). We also got to hang out with neighborhood friend, Phoenix, who got to preview some of our superhero props for the party. There was some shopping (both kids got new sneakers!) and lots of snow play. In fact, we got a wallop of a snowstorm where the snow came down superfast, but this didn’t stop noah and em from wanting to go outside. In fact, they insisted on going on the swings! That’s New England kids for ya! Lauren had to go away for work, so I got to play solo parent for a bit, which meant lots of craziness at bedtime and in the mornings (mainly extra storytime and play). noah and I also had some fun with glow sticks and a slow shutter speed:

glowsticks + slow shutterspeed!

glowsticks + slow shutterspeed!

Here’s the pics:

Why? Why? Why?

Posted on February 14, 2014


New year, new schedule, at least for the weekends. I am writing this outside of noah’s Zumba class, yup Zumba, or something approaching Zumba. noah spends half the class hiding in a corner or drinking water, but I think he might warm up to it. Or not, a week later, we switched him into tumbling class, more his style. emily meanwhile has tumbling class before this (noah joins in on the fun there too), which is really just a chance for her to run around and bump into padded mats. Swimming classes have started back up again and they are going swimmingly if I say so myself, all except for how emily likes to run away when she is put out of the pool to jump in!

emily continues to love music class too. She is always singing to herself (and don’t even think of joining in with her, she will yell at you and wag her finger, “NO NO DADDY!”). She knows the entire alphabet song, baby bumblebee song, twinkle twinkle little star, London Bridge, and of course “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles. She is counting to 5 (sometimes 10!) now and has started memorizing a lot of her books. em insists upon doing things herself regardless of her ability to actually do them. So getting her dressed can often be a bit of a battle of wills. Although she does eventually ask for help, “I need hepah daddy, heahppah!” She has entered the “why?” stage, every question is followed up by 8 to infinity why’s. For example, “where mommy?” “Downstairs.” “Whhhyy???” “Because she is making breakfast.” “Whhhhhyyyyy???” “Because she needs to eat.” “Whhhhhyyyyy???” “Because she is hungry.” “WHhhyY?!?!” And on and on and on… emily continues to be a voracious eater, both in volume and variety! She has the same obsession with yogurt drops (“mommy, yoo-gahhhh dops!!!). She really likes to try out things, and she’ll often tell us it is “too hot!” Or “too cold!” We have our very own goldilocks!

em loves playing with stickers (“stik-kahs!”), while noah is a big fan of tape (especially Spider-Man duct tape!). em is still putting things in her mouth that shouldn’t and when you tell her so she always then puts it on top of her head with a questioning look as if to say, “but then can it go here?!?” Her favorite story to listen to in the car is definitely “chicka chicka boom boom.”

As for noah, he is still resistant to any transitions and will do anything to get out of cleaning up, often feigning being too tired to even lift a toy off the ground (how rough childhood is!). “Daddy this is too hard!” Or he tries the delay technique, “but daddy, I just want to do this one more time… I just need to put this here… I just have to go to my room first… Just one more time… How about 3 more times because I am 3? But daddy, but daddy, but daddy!?!?” He battles against eating often, complains it isn’t what he wants after he just asked for it or it is “too spicy” or “not cooked right.” Sigh. Gonna try a new strategy at the dinner table, not try to force him to eat (it’s not like he will starve!), just gonna tell him he has to sit with us for dinner, and let him decide what he wants to eat (inspired by this blog). noah has been really enjoying all the snow we have been getting. He is an avid shoveler/snow ball maker/sledder. He has been doing a good job playing with em, in fact they are pretty good when left alone to play with each other (until they start running around and bonking into each other or wanting the same toy, then all bets are off!).

We had a busy month (as per usual). A trip to the MFA with GG for art activities, and, you know, art. For the African mask-making activity, noah went with a Michelangelo-inspired look (as in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo!).


emily, meanwhile, had lots of fun running around and checking out every glass window/wall (often up close or pressed against!). I don’t know if you heard, but we’ve gotten some snow this winter, like, a lot, a lot. So noah had lots of fun shoveling (em too actually!), sledding, making snow angels, and trying out his new snow ball maker. Here’s the remnants of our epic snowball fight (noah and I vs the street):


We also had a mini-christmas with Shelley and Marvin since they were away on the 25th. noah got lots of fun art activities (and immediately put together one of them, a foam frog), and em got one of her favorite gifts of the season, wooden ice cream (looks almost as good as the real thing, and apparently just as fun to serve people, but not quite as fun to eat).


noah and I continued our cardboard building tradition, making a bridge/tunnel for his cars with some of the new duct tape Nonna got noah for christmas. We had a special visit down to RI to see Mia and her baby sister. Mia was kind enough to share all her toys and give noah a bit of a princess education. We also had playdates with Micah and Henry and Oliver and we got more time with Omri’s brother baby Idan (noah and em insisted on helping feed him when Lauren was holding the baby, so cute). noah and I had a sick day home together where he learned the wonder of being able to type your name in really big fonts on a computer screen (sadly for me, so far, he had more interest in decorative typefaces than classic ones, but we compromised and settled on ChunkFive). Lauren had a lot of travel and extra meetings at work over the past month so I had to do a little extra solo parenting which lead to my first attempts ever of doing a ponytail. I think I did a pretty good job:


For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I brought the children to their second service day. At my office they were able to make some instruments and decorate some winter apparel for children in need (all while proudly rocking their City Year mock red jacket tees!).


We also got to attend Julia and Ada’s combined birthday party at myGym which was the usual trampoline/ball pit/run around like crazy fun (with the bonus zip line at the end)! Here’s the rest of the pics from the past 4 weeks or so:

Happy New Year!

Posted on January 10, 2014

It’s 2014 and just a month or so until noah is 4 and then another month and emily is 2! It’s so cliche, but it really is true, they grow up so fast!

The holidays were amazing. We had the usual insane seven fish Christmas Eve dinner with the usual cast of characters (plus our friends Jason, Tori, Burton, and Harrison). I was pretty excited to dress noah in his amazing red pants and herringbone vest, such a dapper gentleman he is. And em had her own Christmas outfit, so cute. Best of all though were their matching Santa Claus pajamas. They had fun running around with their cousins and friends. This is really the first year where we actually did a full-blown, pile of presents under the tree, stockings hung and full of little presents, cookies and milk out for Santa, type of Christmas. We were more low-key about it last year. This time we had a lot of fun playing Santa, and I definitely am enjoying noah’s interest in Spider-Man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! In general, we try to not make the holidays just about presents, but it is pretty hard to not get excited about TMNT pajamas:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PJs!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PJs!

He also got a Raphael mask, TMNT socks, stickers, slippers, and underwear. His interest in TMNT is pretty hilarious since all he knows about he either learns from friends at school or from all the random questions he asks me, ie “daddy who is the radical rat? Why do they wear color stripes over their face? What is a nun-chuck?”

meanwhile, emily loved the doll stroller we got her. She was immediately strolling around to her heart’s delight with it. She also loves the books I made her, one for each of our families, siblings and us (ie emily & daddy, emily & Papi + GG, etc.). She is already memorizing the books and reading them to herself!

new stroller!

new stroller!

After presents at our house we went to Nonna and Papa’s where, you guessed it, we opened more presents. noah was greeted with a ramp and a homemade long cardboard road for his cars. em got to help everyone open presents, but her favorite was the Melissa & Doug ice cream and scoops play set, everyone was served!

Next, after a nap for em, we went to Aaron, Karen, and Matthew’s place with GG and Papi for a Christmas dinner and, yup, more presents. Oy. But the kids had an awesome time playing together, chasing each other around the house and making train tracks in Matthew’s room (and, oddly, throwing things in the air in the dark with a flashlight, fun). I made a book of noah and Matthew through the years which is incredible to see how the 2 of them have grown and changed together, we’re very lucky to have so much family close by.

Over the break we also got a fair amount of snow, which the kids loved! We went on our first sledding expedition at Larz Anderson Park, to rave reviews (noah and em screaming in glee!). We also had a great visit from Uncle Mark and Aunt Carin which included lots of good meals at GG and Papi’s. And there was a solstice party at Michael, Jerel, and Cora’s where noah and friends got to make and decorate a gingerbread house, and I mean decorate: half the candy in the house ended up on it (a lot in the landscaping, there were more than a few cavities waiting to happen in the shrubbery). We ventured out to Needham where Lauren’s co-worker’s family has a very, very big Christmas-themed model train set-up including a mini-Fenway Park and lots of winter activities like sledding and skating. It takes over the entire two floors of a barn. noah and em loved it!

so here’s the pics from the rest of December:

That magical time between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Posted on December 26, 2013

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas always goes by so fast! There’s lots of parties, events, and, of course, anticipation for what’s to come. Our kids are pretty lucky as they get to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas! On the last day of Hanukkah emily wore noah’s old Hanukkah shirt and noah was jealous so with a little bit of ingenuity and some blank return address labels, markers and scissors, he and I made a new Hanukkah shirt (see below). For presents for Hanukkah emily got a tea set and she is already loving having little tea parties. noah got a big wooden garage that he plays with his cars on. Both of them are having lots of fun having extra “home days” with us!

emily is still in love with books, and bonus she now lets us actually finish them (usually). Her favorite book is definitely “Snowy Day,” by Ezra Jack Keats, but she also is a huge fan of the books I made about our families for noah 2 years ago (I made ones for her this year). She is also really into any electronic toy, anything that plays music or beeps and boops when you press buttons – she will sway back and forth and bop to the beat of anything slightly musical. She is so adorable with her curiosity, she’s saying noah’s former favorite phrase: “What’s that noise mommy/daddy?” She still refuses to say noah’s name (he is only referred to as “brah-thah”), but she finally started saying milk (“milk-kee” thanks to her bro who likes to do “baby talk”). Oddly, she refers to applesauce as “app-pull pie!” She has started to learn her numbers, and can count with us when we prompt her. emily is all about singing. She sings to herself when she is playing, to the songs we play on the radio, to any toy that makes noise (especially furby), and she even started singing her ABC’s. She loves being chased, “catch me daddy! catch me!” which involves me chasing her about 5 feet before she stops, turns around and giggles as she tenses up to get tickled. For awhile every color was green, probably because that is noah’s favorite color, but now she knows a slightly wider spectrum of the rainbow (green and maybe blue).

Meanwhile noah loves to ask questions to figure stuff out, but no matter what the answer he always tells you that he already knew that. noah is loving “knock knock” jokes right now, it’s a good way to distract him and get him to eat his dinner (since dinner is still a struggle for him even though all we ever “force” him to eat are salty carbs like pasta and butter, mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken-nuggets, fish-sticks, and, oh the horror, pizza!). He is still all about Spider-Man, fire fighters, and trains, but there is a new obsession thanks to a buddy at school, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! Since he is 3 and thus constantly battling us and throwing tantrums I sometimes as a last ditch effort bribe him with watching TMNT on my phone. By TMNT, I mean the 60 second intro to the show, theme song included, the actual cartoon probably leans a bit old for him, but the intro is pretty funny and who doesn’t love this song? He knows all the lyrics now, although it started out as “Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles!” He does have one good question that I can’t resolve, “Daddy, why don’t the turtles go in water?”

So in the past couple of weeks we had an amazing brunch at our friends Hsindy, Victor, and Micah’s place where we introduced a very impressed Micah to battery powered Brio trains. emily got a visit from her future BFF Maya and noah showed off his “fast skills” to Maya grandma. We got our first Christmas Tree for the new house, which unfortunately has lower ceilings so thus a smaller tree : ( . We tried to get the fattest one we could find to make up for it! noah loves helping with the lights and putting the star on top, em meanwhile was very curious about the whole thing, but not curious enough to fully participate. noah got to have his very own drawing featured on a cookie thanks to Aunt Shelley. The week after setting up the tree, we had our annual holiday party (our ninth!) and we got the most people we have ever had despite the impending snow (New Englanders are a hardy bunch). Every year there are more children, eventually we may need a whole other space just for the kids (for now, my small office and noah’s room sufficed)! We had another big delivery from which means another cardboard box masterpiece with noah (this time a Fire Station with a pretty killer ramp!). We also had a post-Hanukkah Hanukkah dinner with the Curtins at GG and Papi’s. And, of course, some Christmas jammy dancing inspired by this hilarious video:

And here’s the pics:

thank you from emily and “bro-tha!”

Posted on December 1, 2013

With Thanksgiving just yesterday I have had being thankful on the mind, so in that spirit, I want to thank all of you for being part of our little dean bean’s lives. Not all of you are able to see them in person often, but I can promise you, you are all helping to shape their childhood and make them into the wonderful, amazing munchkins they are today. So thank you!

Thanksgiving was the usual extravagant Italian feast at my mom’s house with all the cousins (poor em is the lone girl amongst 7 total little ones). Lots of eating, lots of running around (adults excluded), and lots of laughs. Other than that, we had two birthday parties (Cora’s 4th and Samia’s 4th), met baby Idan (our neighbor’s beautiful new son!), raked a whole lotta leaves, ran through quite a few too (one of the few chores kids seem to love), had some fun playdates and celebrated the first couple nights of Hanukkah! noah is loving Hanukkah, he LOVES his Menorah (both the wooden toy one and the real thing). He insists on helping light it, which is always a tricky thing to balance (kid involvement in a tradition vs burning the whole house down). And, of course, loves the presents part too!

emily’s vocabulary continues to grow exponentially. There is very little she hears that she can’t repeat back and she can identify everything in her books. The only words she seems adamant to not learn are “noah” and “milk” for some unknown reason (she refuses to explain it to us!). She decided that noah should only be referred to as “brah-da” (brother) and milk, well, not sure what she calls it but she is adamant when she points at her cereal and asks for it. emily’s latest activities include stickers (stik-kahs! moh stik-kahs!), taking every tissue out of the box and wiping things with them then running and putting them in the trash (trasss! trasss!), catch (throwing things at me hard and yelling “catss! catsssh!”), and playing with any of the numerous electronics around the house (she’s a big fan of pushing buttons!). As of 11/21, she is also officially a “jumper.” For a long time, jumping just meant bending her knees and bobbing up and down, but now there is definitely air between her feet and the floor which is usually followed by her bum hitting the floor (at first I think she thought this was a requisite part of jumping).

She is still sucking her thumb, to the point where her thumb takes a beating from her teeth. I’m curious how we are ever going to get her to stop, suggestions are welcome. She also still sometimes bites people or things when she is frustrated, not too often, but it is her best move when big brother is wrestling with her. She also is super into brushing her teeth these days, mainly just as a new, fun, and impractical way to drink water (suck water out of toothbrush, get it wet, repeat). When she gets a boo-boo she often demands “ayyyeee-ssssss!, aye-ssss!” (ice). emily is learning everyone’s names too, even characters from books, shows, and games, although she calls everyone from Sesame Street “ahhh-mooo!” (elmo) no matter what. emily is obsessed with berries, most often blueberries, she could eat them forever (or, more often, until she is covered in blue). We (Lauren) finally figured out what to do with emily’s hair, little rubber bands that hold her hair up in one or two puffs (best description by my cousin Nicole: palm-tree-like). 90% of the time they actually stay in all day, success! And even when you take them off her hair stays up, which gives her an Ace Ventura/Wolverine look. Sweet.

noah and emily have become fixated on one song in particular on a rock mix I made for them, “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles which they affectionately call “the AIR-PLANE SONG!” (there is the sound of a plane taking off in the beginning). noah has recently gotten into ninjas, specifically Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He has some pretty sweet ninja moves, hopefully he doesn’t use them on emily.

For awhile noah was acting up a lot and throwing tantrums over the littlest things. We think it had to do with his transition from lower-pre to middle-pre-school combined with my injury which changed a lot of things around the house. I don’t know why they call it the terrible-twos, it seems to me the three’s are really the tough period when pre-schoolers have so much out of their control and the wherewithal to know that and meanwhile they are trying to test all the boundaries while learning responsibility, but possessing little motivation for logic. Basically it is a lot of “I WANT IT THIS WAY NOT THAT WAY!” and now that you did it that way the day is ruined and everything is wrong and the world might as well end. Yay! Luckily, noah has been getting better as we have been working with him on making “good choices.” Hopefully we also make good choices from his perspective!


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